I remember thinking, knowing,

that this day would come,

like it had before.

I remember telling, yelling,

screaming into the ears of  friends,

into hallways, into mirrors and in  notebooks,

screaming, all alone, into a beautiful sunset.

They said, I was a cynic,

that I was troubled for the sake of being troubled alone.

They said I was being ridiculous.

So I slipped. I stopped and took in the rays.

Golden and red, everything shone.

Everything was more amazing than it should have been.

What I didn’t tell them,

was that I was preparing myself.

What closure I found the last time,

in a bottle and in a balcony,

I found this time in ignorance.

Knowledge makes you weak.

Questions lead, not to peace of mind,

like one might hope,

but to more questions.

Questions that burn at the back of your mind,

till a  mark scars your skull, in the shape of his face.

Questions with answers so terrible,

it might make you weak,

it might lead you down that path,

of bottles and baubles,

teasing you.

‘In the following year, your king will come’,

read the blurb next to the Aries ram,

and he did, with his friends,

but not of crowns and scepters,

but of butts and filters,

and the kings,

they gave me solace.

This time, I don’t need closure,

such is the advantage of being

mentally prepared.



I remember,

like it was yesterday,

how he begged me to sleep that night.

How he said over and over again,

not with his words, but with his thoughts,

that which was devastatingly painful

for me to see.

For his eyes had a mixture

of warmth,

regret and guilt,

hiding the laughter I knew

deep below.

And at that moment,

I resigned,

I bowed my head down, defeated.

I pretended to fall asleep,

just to avoid confrontation,

though I couldn’t that night

and for countless nights to follow.

And I also remember

like it was yesterday,

because it was,

how I slept

soundly, peacefully,

floating midst dreams that were not

nearly as blissful as reality,

while he played

with my clothes, fingers,

hair, heart.

Willing me out of

my slumber,

not through his thoughts,

but his eyes.

And I couldn’t help wonder

what difference

a little time can make.

And I slept on

through the night.

Some News ..

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Shooting star woes

If I were a shooting star,

and I could grant only one wish

wished upon my flighty fall,

I would be in a fix.

Whose wish do I grant?

Who do I pick?

A lollipop and a bicycle?

Successful surgery?

A yearning heart, desired back?

World peace, Tolerance or


I have my friends,

to aid me in my quest.

And I can see that

they really do

do their best.

But fallen eyelashes, crossed fingers,

11:11, four leaf clovers,

thrice-a-sneeze, dream-catchers,

horseshoes, an evil eye bracelet,

a shining star,

the number 7,

a wishing well, a wishing fountain,

a walk under a ladder

are not held up to the expectations.

Because wishes on a wishing star,

that is a falling star, a shooting star,

will come true.

Or it least that is what they say.

As for me, I wish that

not one eye glimpses me

or my shooting tail.





Chicken scrawls

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The Aries Ram

Two of my best friends wanted me to do their star signs too
One a Pisces and one a Scorpio-Libra cusp.

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Some random shots of Dubai

18 Aug 2012 3 Comments

The Dubai Fountain

Standing tall, two lone trees.
Desert Safari, Dubai

The Desert Sun
Desert Safari, Dubai

Sheik Zayed Road
At the top, Burj Khalifa

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